In the Media

Those who seek to deny the horror of Hamas’s modern-day Holocaust are dragging the world into a new dark age”, Andrew Neil, The Daily Mail.

“Standing up for British Jews is our duty and our privilege”, Allison Pearson, The Telegraph.

Proving Evil“, Laura Dodsworth in The Critic.

“Now we need a declaration to protect us”, Brigit Grant, Jewish News.

“Why I started The October Declaration”, Laura Dodsworth, The Free Mind.

Coronation Street offered me security after surge in anti-Semitic hate… this is where we are now, says Maureen Lipman”, Clemmie Moodie, The Sun.

Why I joined the October Declaration”, Toby Guise, The Critic.

Boris Johnson and Liz Truss pledge solidarity with British Jews”, Daniel Martin, The Telegraph.

We don’t want British Jews to be living in fear”, Patrick Christys interviews Allison Pearson, GB News.

Andrew Neil among Scots to sign October Declaration supporting British Jews as he blasts BBC ‘hatred’ of Israel”, Douglas Dickie, Scottish Daily Express.

Never Forget”, Oliver Webb-Carter, Aspects of History.

The October Declaration – in solidarity with Jews and Israel – has been signed by more than 200 British public figures to ‘unequivocally condemn terrorist attacks on 7th October’”, Mike Graham interviews Laura Dodsworth on Talk TV.

Over 13,000 people sign declaration of solidarity with British Jews”, Felix Pope, the Jewish Chronicle.

Dame Maureen Lipman shames ‘bleeding heartless liberal’ stars for stance on Gaza”, Tori Brazier, Metro.

Tim Rice, Tom Stoppard, Maureen Lipman and More Sign Letter Demanding Palestinian Terror Group Release Civilian Hostages”, K.J. Yossman, Variety.

Sign the October Declaration”, Tom Slater, Sp!ked.

Dame Maureen Lipman joins 200 public figures to condemn BBC’s refusal to call Hamas ‘terrorists’ and the surge in anti-Semitism in UK – as actress slams ‘bleeding heartless liberals’ who fail to criticise attack on Israel”, Rory Tingle, MailOnline.

Dame Maureen Lipman attacks ‘bleeding heartless liberals’ who fail to condemn Hamas”, Daniel Martin, The Telegraph.

It’s time to take a stand for civilisation”, Allison Pearson, The Telegraph.

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